Corporate Social Responsibility Programme


Corporate Social Responsibility, or 'CSR', is very much the 'hip' phrase for the 21st century organisation.


However, CSR's definition remains a point of considerable debate.


At the experience group, we prefer this simple definition:

'CSR is about how organisations manage their operational processes to produce an overall positive impact on society'.


CSR training for organisations is still difficult to obtain, despite it's value to the organisation, and benefits to its reputation and to the society in which it operates.


The experience group's pioneering multi-session programme is aimed at offering organisations of all types the opportunity to acquire their very own 'CSR Coaches' in order to develop, deliver and sustain its own CSR programme.


As with all of our training workshops and multi-session programmes, we continue to develop and update our CSR Programme in order to bring you the very best training in the field.


To request more information on this or any of our training workshops, or multi-session programmes please go to our contact page.