Seminars & Talks - 2009/10


The experience group is often asked to deliver talks and seminars on contemporary topics to a wide range of business and industry groups. These events are aimed at providing thought-provoking insights into new and exciting subject matter through enjoyable and interactive sessions. These sessions encourage the delegate to consider the topics further, and particularly what beneficial impact can be brought to their own environment through their utilisation



·        People Whispering – horse sense for Homo Sapiens

·        Creativity – exploding the myth that you have to be a ‘creative type’

·        Common-sense in a Complicated WorldTM – the key to keeping it simple

·        S. U. M. O. (Shut up! Move on!) – getting over the hurdles that hold you back

·        Captain Chaos – making the most of disorganisation

·        Grumpy or Grateful? – the power of your sub-conscious mind

·        Thinking (without THINKING)! – trusting your instincts in making brilliant decisions

·        Challenging Change – keeping ahead in a transforming environment

·        Corporate Social Opportunity – the practical, cost-effective approach to CSR

·        If It Isn’t Indispensable, It’s Useless – a straightforward guide to cutting the cr*p

·        Time to Time – the easy way to successful time management

·        Scr*w It! Let’s Do It! – the benefits of bending business rules in your direction

·        What Matters Most – the value of understanding and living your values

·        Emotionally Intelligent – a beginner’s guide to emotional intelligence


Aimed at:

All personnel within the organisation, especially middle, senior, and executive management, typically in groups of up to 100 (although not limited)



Presentation time of typically 90 minutes to 2 hours (max) including 1x 20 minute break

This programme is delivered by fully accredited and experienced coaches


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